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Steve Holland: You’re Either With Us or You’re Against Us

I guess we know how the next four years will go.

From the Clarion-Ledger:

“We’re going to govern with a consensus, and that consensus starts with 62 Democrats (who supported McCoy),” said House Health and Human Services Committee Chairman Steve Holland, a Democrat from Plantersville.

“Our tent’s big, if someone wants to join it,” Holland said. “But we’re going to remember what brought us (to partisan division.)”

Four more years of the old backward Democratic leadership that has governed Mississippi since Reconstruction. Aren’t you excited?

4 Responses to “Steve Holland: You’re Either With Us or You’re Against Us”

  1. You wouldn’t compare him to George W. Bush would you? ;)

  2. Someone at work made an interesting point about Steve Holland.

    He floated the balloon last week of possibly considering a run for the D1 House seat. Holland has to know that his chances of winning would have been remote.

    But, that was when the speaker’s position was still in play.

    Had McCoy lost, Holland would be out of power and probably would face some political retribution for some of his antics. If McCoy had lost, he could have resigned to run for Congress & saved face ( and still had a hefty retirement).

    Just a thought.

  3. Yeah, John, it’s just like George W. Bush-except that if Holland had lost, nobody would get bombed, beheaded, or forced into a burqua.

  4. Outstanding observation Les

    Holland would rather fall on his sword than not be in the side of power.

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