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Here’s The List- Of 1st District Qualifiers

Here is the final list of the ten candidates to qualify for the open First District seat. I believe the Independent and Green candidate are running in the November general election only.

Democrats- Steve Holland of Plantersville, a State Rep.; Brian Neely of Tupelo, attorney; Travis Childers of Booneville, Prentiss County Chancery Clerk; Marshall Coleman of Calhoun City, a restaurant owner; Ken Hurt of Verona, a political consultant

Republicans- Greg Davis, Southaven mayor; Glenn McCullough, Jr, former Tupelo mayor; Randy Russell of Oxford, an ophthalmologist

Independent- Wally Pang of Batesville, a restaurant owner

Green- John Wages, Jr. or Tupelo, Itawamba Community College professor (go figure, a college instructor who supports the Green party- who woulda thunk it?)

6 Responses to “Here’s The List- Of 1st District Qualifiers”

  1. I guess Holland’s decision puts to rest my co-worker’s reasonable sounding speculation about Mr Holland “floating a trial balloon” until he saw if McCoy would be speaker again.

  2. So, who are y’all liking ?

    Tom (if you’re out there), you going to support one of the Democrats that “can win” or the Green Party guy who may share more of your principles ?

    At this point, I think CP folks in this area will have more in agreement with Randy Russell than any others.

    I had someone contact me & express interest in being the Constitution Party candidate, but it was last minute.

    One thought : could someone else be waiting in the wings for the Nov. general election ( Jamie Franks; another Republican; a “third party”/ independent guy) to let these folks pick one another off/ make enemies/ spend money ?

    Going to be interesting,


  3. Evening, Les! Good to see you! I posted some links to stuff I’d written on Ron Paul in the relevant thread, but I think the anti-spam software ate them. I’ll drop you an email with them later today.

    Truth be told, I have a lot of disagreements with the Green Party. While there are things that I like about it, there are also a lot of things I don’t. The Green Party platform calls for (if I’m not misreading it) the abolition of private schools and homeschooling as educational options, for example, and as someone who was homeschooled K-12 I can’t get behind that. There are some other issues with Green Party activists that I don’t care for. I am VERY strongly in favor of bioengineered food; it’s saving millions of lives in the developing world, and if we can ever develop wheat that grows reliably in dry tropical regions, we could permanently solve large-scale world hunger. Green Party folks tend to take a dim view of bioengineering. I could go on. Bottom line is that I’m not a Green Party guy; if I had to register with a party tomorrow, it’d be the Libertarians, but I have some issues with even the Libertarian Party.

    (There are even a few issues where I agree more with the Republican Party than with the Democratic Party, but that’s probably best saved for another thread.)

    That said, I’m actually in District 3 so my situation is even more complicated. I have no idea who I’m voting for. Among the Republicans, I think David Landrum is my favorite. None of the Democrats seem to have a prayer, but I might end up voting D anyway depending on who the eventual Republican nominee is, and how he got there. If there’s a Green Party candidate in District 3, I very well may go that route.

  4. One thought : could someone else be waiting in the wings for the Nov. general election ( Jamie Franks; another Republican; a “third party”/ independent guy) to let these folks pick one another off/ make enemies/ spend money ?

    I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that all qualifying was due yesterday- even if you’re 3rd party just running in Nov.

  5. Also, besides the special election to serve until January 2009 which includes everybody running, each party is having their primary. So there is a possibility- altough it would seem unlikely- that you could win the special election but not your primary and therefore can’t run in Nov.

  6. I think you are correct about the filing deadline, but will have to verify.

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