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Andy Taggart Volunteers To Do Jim Hood’s Work For Him

On Monday, Jim Hood said he would do nothing in terms of prosecuting his campaign donor Joey Langston. Here is his statement:

“Since the matter is being handled by the federal government, it would be inappropriate for me to comment any further until all the facts are known.

Due to Mr. Langston’s past representation of this office, it could create an appearance of impropriety for our office to participate in a potential state prosecution of this case. It will be up to the appropriate District Attorney(s) to handle any potential state case(s). The resources of my office will be available to them.”

Having an “appearance of impropriety” has never bothered Hood before when he was rewarding big donors with state contracts. Jim Hood had Dickie Scruggs on Line 1 the moment Katrina hit land and he brags about being a prosecutor in his previous job. But, we know Hood is not going to do anything so that’s a mute point. After all, Hood’s got bigger issues like what do to with bad contact lenses and those Chinese toys.

The most reasonable move Hood can now make is to appoint a “Special Assistant Attorney General” to handle this case. Andy Taggart touches on this at the Red/Blue blog yesterday:

Since the law says that you “shall prosecute” cases of white collar crime, including public corruption cases, (Sec. 7-5-54), and since you don’t think you can do that in this case, seek out an independent attorney to do it on your behalf as you do with your big money cases.

The law gives you and your designees investigative, subpoena and prosecutorial authority to pursue charges arising out of a conspiracy to bribe a judge (Sec’s 7-5-59, 97-1-1 and 97-11-53). The law also imposes on you a duty to do so. You should perform your duty, wherever it leads.

In fact, Taggart has volunteered to do Jimmy’s work for him- free of charge. I know Hood is use to getting a campaign donation for a job, but I think this is a fair deal since Taggart doesn’t want anything in return. Appoint Taggart, appoint someone…Mississippi has a long history of needing the federal government to take care of her problems- lets not let the trend continue.

2 Responses to “Andy Taggart Volunteers To Do Jim Hood’s Work For Him”

  1. I think the law also says that an atty. has to do more to get a case than to just blog about his interest.

  2. He’s correct. The current procedure is to send a campaign check to Jim Hood and expect a call within 3 to 5 business days.

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