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Ike Brown’s Return?

March 6, 2009
tags: Ike Brown, Mississippi Democrats
by Brett

I wrote a little bit about Ike Brown earlier this week when the 5th circuit voted to uphold his conviction of violating the Voting Rights Act of 1965 in a reverse discrimination case.

Yesterday, Brian Perry had a good breakdown of what exactly Brown has done in his column in the Madison County Journal.

And now, Natalie Chandler is reporting that Brown may be returning to a leadership role in the state Democratic Party:

Mississippi Democrats meet this weekend to consider hiring a new executive director and restoring power to Ike Brown, a former executive committee member with legal troubles over the way he’s handled elections in Noxubee County.

Members of the state party’s 3rd congressional district caucus voted in January to have Brown fill a vacancy on the state executive committee, the 80-member body that sets party policy. The state executive committee meets Saturday to determine whether Brown can join them again.

I find it unbelievable that the Democrats would even think about restoring any power to Brown. After all, take the example from Perry’s column, and imagine the state GOP trying to reinstate the power of a white politician who was convicted of disenfranchising black voters. ABC, NBC, CBS and The New York Times would be camped out at that party’s meetings, but not with Brown and the Democrats.

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