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Some Liberals Unhappy With New Dem Leader

March 14, 2009

Last week, Democrats made Sam Hall the party’s new executive director. Hall most recently worked on the campaign to unseat former Chief Justice Jim Smith from the state’s high court.

Hall has received praise from one key Democrat- state party leader Jamie Franks- who mentioned his fundraising ability, called him a “loyal” Democrat and said:

I think Mr. Hall showed he has the political experience by running Mr. (Jim) Kitchens’ successful campaign.

Sid Salter also laid praise on Hall earlier this week in a blog post where he called him an “excellent choice” and commented on his new-media savvy.

But this isn’t good enough for some Democrats, including Willie Griffin, a member of the state executive committee from Greenville who said he is firmly opposed to Hall.

Griffin called Hall a Republican saying he has endorsed GOP candidates in past years.

I think Griffin’s objection continues to show the obvious divide in the state Democrat Party. Two years ago, many members pushed to have George Dale removed from the party’s ballot, and helped Gary Anderson once Dale was put back on the ballot.

Dale, of course, was conservative. Anderson was liberal. Liberals got the first victory with Anderson unseating Dale in the primary, but Republicans got the last laugh with Mike Chaney winning in the fall. If Democrats continue to push for party purity, they will continue to see results like the Insurance Commissioner’s race in 2007.

It’s fair to say Griffin comes from the Bennie Thompson wing of the state party. That will work in the Delta, but won’t help the Democrats statewide.

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