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The Tate County Democrat

March 16, 2009

…Has one of the best editorial pages in Mississippi.

Although I have never lived or worked in Tate County, nor do I have any connections to the North Mississippi county, I make it a point to read the editorial pages every week. And I encourage my readers to do the same.

The Tate County Democrat stands as one of the last independently owned community newspapers in the United States. It was founded in 1881, and is the oldest continuously operating business in the county. The newspaper has a weekly circulation of more than 5,000.

Today, it remains a family-run newspaper, and one of those men is Joe Lee, III who regularly editorializes on state and national matters.

This week’s list of editorials includes the following columns:

Not enough rich folks (Joe Lee, III): a column that criticizes the earmark-laden appropriations bill
No ‘glamour slammer’ here: an editorial criticizing certain accommodations that federal courts are putting on Mississippi to provide
McCoy Wrong (as usual): an editorial criticizing Bill McCoy and House Democrats for trying to accept the portions of the stimulus that Haley Barbour has rejected
GM and US going broke: an editorial talking about how taxpayers cannot continue to subsidize the auto industry and big government handouts
Another bad idea: an editorial criticizing an Obama surrogate who mentioned raising ethanol levels in our gasoline

I am glad to see a Mississippi newspaper stand up for conservative principles. Unfortunately, journalism schools (like most universities in general) have been hijacked by the left and the result is a lot more David Hampton’s than Joe Lee’s. If you don’t read it already, do yourself a favor and check out the Tate County Democrat each Tuesday- you won’t be disappointed.

And on a side note: In the upcoming weeks and months, I will look at newspapers from around the state, and let you know who leans left, and who gets it right.

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