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The Mississippi Democrats Do It Again

March 23, 2009
tags: Barbara Blackmon, Ike Brown, Mississippi Democrats, Sam Hall
by Brett

I thought the Mississippi Democrat Party had learned their lesson after trying to kick George Dale off the ballot two years ago, but they will not be stopped until they are the party of Bennie Thompson.

As soon as Democrats named Sam Hall the new Executive Director a couple weeks ago, members of the liberal wing began to let their objections known. Hall’s story is pretty interesting. A former newspaper editor, he wrote columns critical of Democrats at that time. Of course, if Democrats would have listened to Hall they might occupy more than just one statewide office. Hall, however, has political re-branded himself via his blog where he has been critical of members who do not automatically fall in line with party leadership.

Party vice chairwoman Barbara Blackmon, who chaired the last meeting as Party chairman Jamie Franks was out of town, said some committee members “felt the initial process (of hiring him) did not conform to the constitution.”

Of course, that answer is just cover for Blackmon and others who prescribe to her beliefs. There is certainly a racial component involved and I think it’s fair to say that Blackmon and many other members think the Executive Director should be black.

And for the kicker, Ike Brown- a man guilty of racially discriminating against voters in Noxubee County- was let back on the committee.

On behalf of conservatives who want to see the Republican Party in Mississippi continue to grow, I offer a sincere thank you for your work on helping that cause.

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