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The Dem Drama Does Not Stop

March 24, 2009
tags: Barbara Blackmon, Ike Brown, Jamie Franks, Mississippi Democrats, Sam Hall
by Brett

Natalie Chandler has done an excellent job of following the drama that is the Mississippi Democrat Executive Committee. In her latest blog post, she gets quotes from a few top Democrats.

Here is what Chairman Jamie Franks said: “It is a shame that Barbara Blackmon would chair a committee meeting and try to put Ike Brown back.” He declared the meeting illegal and said that any actions taken are “null and void.”

Here is what Barbara Blackmon, who chaired the meeting in Frank’s absence said: “I have never supported Ike Brown to be on that committee…he is a distraction to the committee.”

Here is what Ike Brown said: “I will comply with the Voting Rights Act and applicable court orders. I look forward to the opportunity to redeem myself as a member of the committee. My future conduct will reflect that I respect the rights of all voters of every race to participate in the election process.”

Sam Hall would not comment, but Franks said Hall is the Executive Director.

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