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Mississippi Democrats Heart Sonia Sotomayor

June 1, 2009

I understand the need to support your national party, but have the Mississippi Democrats forgot which state they represent?

In announcing the appointment by Obama last week, Executive Director Sam Hall, speaking for the state party made this statement: “She definitely seems to fit what President Obama said he wanted in a justice, someone with real world experience in addition to a judicial pedigree.”

I suppose it’s true she fits Obama’s description for a nominee; unfortunately she doesn’t fit the Constitutional description for a nominee.

Later, in a challenge to Senators Cochran and Wicker, the staff called on the state’s senators to support Sotomayor.

And remember, that was the Mississippi Democrats blog; although I am sure it can be confused with the national Democrat party. But if the state Democrats want to run on a platform of supporting the likes of Sotomayor in 2010, I am all for it.

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