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Sam Hall vs. Paul Gallo

June 9, 2009
tags: Mississippi Democrats, Mississippi GOP, Sam Hall, Paul Gallo
by Brett

Writing on the new blog at the Mississippi Democrats website, Executive Director Sam Hall decided to label Paul Gallo, the successful talk radio host on SuperTalk, as the GOP spokesperson. A couple points about this, but first here is Gallo’s response:

In response to Sam Hall as to my being a GOP spokesperson, that’s currently not correct. Should I be moving to another position later (unlike some journalist) I would be up front and honest with this audience. That said, I am proudly a conservative mouthpiece. It’s what I do. In case Sam has forgotten, I’ve invited McCoy, Jamie Franks, Cecil Brown and numerous other Democrats, including himself, to join me on the air. That invitation continues as long as they are willing to answer questions from the host and callers.

It seems the liberals are just not satisfied with having 99.9 percent of all non-profit advocacy groups from the ACLU to MHAP, newspapers editorials, journalist and the leadership in the House of Representative as there “spokesperson.” Maybe that’s why the SuperTalk Network continues to expand in audience growth across the state-because people are thirsty for the other side.

I guess Hall and the Democrats saw their national party’s attempt to first, censor Rush Limbaugh (via the Fairness Doctrine) and then try to tie him with the party because he dared to speak out against Barack Obama. All I can say about Mr. Gallo is that the GOP would be fortunate to have him actually working for the party, but he serves another very important role as an outspoken conservative who says what the Clarion-Ledger and others in the media will not.

Second, in honor of this declaration by the Democrats, this blog will now refer to David Hampton as the Mississippi Democrat party spokesman. Bill Minor will be known as Mississippi Democrat party spokesman, emeritus. In the absence of Hampton; Ronnie Agnew, Patsy Brumfield, etc. may take the title as co-spokesperson for the Democrat party as well.

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