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It Will Be Marcy and Jones In a Runoff

June 10, 2009

Wilbert Jones and Bill Marcy escaped the first round of the House District 82 special election as the top two voters and will head to a June 30th winner-take-all runoff. Jones was one of four Democrats in the race, and received around 42 percent of the vote. Marcy, the only Republican running, came in second with about 33 percent of the vote.

Marcy, who is African-American, will have a lot of work to do and people to meet over the next three weeks to convince black voters to give him a chance. The district is about 66 percent black; which equals the vote percentage Charles Young received in his last election in 2007. It also equals the vote total that Marcy did not receive on Tuesday.

Jones has received the endorsement of Young’s family. Charles Young passed away on April 29th after serving nearly 30 years in the legislature.

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