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Friday Ramblings with Robert

June 12, 2009
tags: 2011 Governor, Bill Luckett, George Flaggs, Haley Barbour, Mississippi Democrats, Sam Hall, Travis Childers
by Robert

Welcome to Friday and the end of another glorious week in the great state of Mississippi.  Friday seems like the perfect day to have a little fun and ramble about some hot topics going on in our state and a fun way to close out the week. Enjoy.

MS Democrats Tell Haley to Stay Home

Democrats in Mississippi are now urging Governor Haley Barbour to scrap planned trips to Iowa and New Hampshire later this month because there is no state budget in place for next year.  Rep. George Flaggs (D-Vicksburg) is flapping his gums about Barbour needing to show leadership on the matter and stay home.  Sam Hall of the MS Democratic Party has also urged this on his blog on their party website.  Maybe its just me, but I was not aware that Haley Barbour was in charge of getting the state budget on to his own desk.  I’m pretty sure you and your buddies in the House and Senate are suppose to do that Mr. Flaggs, so get to work and stop running your mouth. Then again maybe they need the moral support from the Governor who they usually want to stay out of House and Senate business.

Dang  Racist Republicans and Independents in the Delta

Bill Luckett wins the award for the Best Way Not to Start a Statewide Politcal Campaign.  If you are from the Delta and are a not a Democrat then Mr. Luckett says your a racist.  Good job Mr. Luckett, way to kick off your potential run for governor by calling people racists just because they have a different view than yours.  Hey did you see what happened in Greenwood last week Mr. Luckett?  This must mean that all the black people in a majority black city in your beloved Delta are racists too for voting for the Independent white candidate.  Also, what has voting Democrat in the Delta gotten that area? 

New Travis Childers in the Animal World Sighting

As reported earlier this week, our esteemed congressman from the First District, Mr. Childers, supported legislation that could lead to job loss in his own district in the form of allowing unions to unionize FedEx locations.  There is a huge FedEx presence in Desoto County and Mr. Childers chose to turn his back on his constituents from that area.  This should come as no surprise when you consider the source.  Mr. Childers has supported EFCA only not to support it later and it appears he is back in bed with the unions.

So when we step outside we are alarmed to see this fox that appears to look an awful lot like our favorite congressman.  You got to be careful with a fox like Mr. Childers because you never know what he might pull on you next.

Mr. Childers

Have a great weekend everybody.

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