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Barbour In 2012 Morning Roundup (6/26)

June 26, 2009
tags: 2012 President, Haley Barbour, Iowa caucus, Mark Sanford, Mitch Daniels
by Brett

From Iowa…

The Des Moines Register covered Barbour’s appearance in Iowa last night, where the topic of Mark Sanford’s future came into play. Barbour said that Sanford should not resign, but avoided saying much more than that. He also downplayed the effect that Sanford’s affair would have on 2009 and 2010 GOP hopefuls. Barbour also carried the usual cautious tone about 2012, saying he is just concentrating on 2010 right now.

The Iowa Independent also has a story on Barbour’s visit. The governor also spoke about party inclusion, something he has done many times in the past. He said “there are tens of millions of pro-choice Republicans that are just as good Republicans as I am, and we need to support them.” He also took a line from Ronald Reagan when he said that someone who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is your friend, and not “some 20 percent traitor.”

The Iowa Republican has some more information on Barbour’s speech, detailing his party building theme. Barbour, who is great with the one-liners, also got an opportunity to take a shot at a former opponent when his introduction said he defeated a two-term incumbent: “Barbour quickly corrected him by saying it was only a one term governor, because if it would have been a two term governor, the state would have been bankrupt.”

Barbour-Daniels 2012?

Washington Whispers, which was one of the first publications to mention Barbour as a 2012 candidate earlier this year, is now floating Indiana governor Mitch Daniels as a possible number two on a Haley Barbour ticket. Daniels, who has been successful in his two terms as governor of the Hooiser state, has worked under presidents Reagan and George W. Bush, but has been mainly silent (similar to Barbour) on future political moves.

Scoring the Sanford Saga

The Fix has a list of winners and losers from the Sanford affair, and one of those winners is Barbour. Besides assuming the RGA chairmanship a year early, he is now the only serious Southerner in 2012 talks. As Chris Cillizza points out; it is “not insignificant thing when you consider how much of the Republican party base lives in that region of the country.”

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