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Rep. Travis Childers (D-Fence)

June 26, 2009
tags: Bennie Thompson, cap and trade, Congress, Gene Taylor, Travis Childers
by Brett

Above is a picture of the home of Rep. Travis Childers. With the issue of cap and trade, like many issues, the Congressman has pretty much rode the fence and then did what was necessary. If the Democrats had enough votes, Childers could freely vote no; but if votes were needed Childers sets himself up to support the majority. That is the benefit of riding the fence.

The big issue of today is cap and trade, and as I am writing this the Democrats are still scrambling for votes, while The Hill reports that Childers is undecided.

The bill passes the House by a razor-thin 219-212 vote. This was such a bad, and dangerous, bill that 44 Democrats (about one-fifth of the caucus) voted against their liberal leadership- including Travis Childers and Gene Taylor. When residents of Jackson and the Delta see their taxes go up, they can thank their man Bennie Thompson for supporting the tax hike. Eight Republicans made the difference in this bills fate. I am all for the “big-tent,” but I ain’t for raising taxes. Every Republican who supported this (Bono Mack (CA), Castle (DE), Kirk (IL), Lance (NJ), LoBiondo (NJ), McHugh (NY), Reichert (WA), Smith (NJ)) deserves a primary challenge.

See the roll call vote here.

Update 2: Statement from Travis Childers on why he voted against the bill. You may notice how Childers never challenges or criticizes the leadership that he voted for.

Update 3: From Gene Taylor: “A lot of people walked the plank on a bill that will never become law.”

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  1. B.J. Childress permalink
    July 22, 2009 10:46 am

    I am so sick and tired of our State Legislature pretending to do something about the pitiful state of REAL people in Mississippi! I have tried to reach each one individually, but it has been made so difficult. Wonder why that is?? They are all for Big Business (the “Good Ole Boy Network”) whether they are Repub. or Dem.

    They have done nothing for the REAL people of this state. They sat on their hands for TEN LONG YEARS and did nothing to raise minimum wage, which anyone with a brain larger than a pea knows directly effects ALL wage earners in this state.

    I am so tired of all of them!

    They, and their friends and families, seem to be the only ones doing well these days!! I guess they are counting on Mississippians being so stupid that they arent paying attention. Unfortunately, most are so busy just trying to make it day by day that they are not.

    What is a “soul” going for these days??? Shame on you all!!


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