Gene Taylor: That was a pretty good speech

2009 July 1
tags: cap and trade, Gene Taylor, John Boehner
by Brett

If it’s good enough for Rep. Taylor, it’s good enough for me. Enjoy Rep. Boehner’s now infamous hour long speech opposing the Democrats cap-and-trade bill.

Below is part one (the next five parts are linked below so you will have to click through to see them):

Part two, Part three, Part four, Part five, Part six

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  1. 2009 July 1
    Matt permalink

    Have their ever been any efforts to get Congressman Taylor to switch parties? Doesn’t he vote over 50% of the time with GOP anyway, and now with the Congress and White House moving far left–is there even any talk about Republicans approaching him on this?

    • 2009 July 1

      If I recall correctly, I do remember reading about the GOP going after Taylor in 02 or 04- sometime around that time span. Obviously they weren’t successful, and after Katrina I would say Taylor will never change parties. The Dems will put up with him, like Childers, but never give them real leadership positions.

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