Medicaid Vote Roll Call

2009 July 1
tags: HB 71, Medicaid, state legislature
by Brett

You can find information on HB 71, which was the vote on Medicaid, here at the website for the state legislature. While the Senate roll call vote has not been posted yet, here is a link to the House vote. You can see that most of the opposition came from the Black Caucus while Republicans and Rural White Democrats supported the compromise.

Update: Here is the roll call from the Senate. Not one Senator opposed the bill.

Here are some details on the bill from the Clarion-Ledger.

Hospital Tax:

A hospital tax to help pay for Medicaid has been the main point of contention in budget talks. But lawmakers, Barbour and the Mississippi Hospital Association settled on House Bill 71, which includes a $60 million hospital tax that could gradually increase to $90 million as federal stimulus help expires.

Future cuts:

House Bill 71 gives Barbour authority to make limited cuts to hospitals and other Medicaid providers. A previous plan Barbour rejected would have exempted hospitals and nursing homes from future cuts.

Objection by Flaggs, other LBC members:

Lawmakers’ concerns about a managed-care provision in the bill delayed its progress. Rep. George Flaggs, D-Vicksburg, said the provision limits patients’ medical-care choices, and he delayed passage by more than two hours by asking that the entire bill be read to the House.

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