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Wicker Will Oppose Sonia Sotomayor

July 21, 2009
tags: Roger Wicker, Sonia Sotomayor
by Brett

Roger Wicker speaks with Paul Gallo

Roger Wicker’s press releases have hinted at that since day one, and he confirmed to Paul Gallo this morning that he will oppose Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Update: His press release announcing his opposition is below the fold.

“The Constitutional duty of ‘advice and consent’ given to the Senate is of great importance, particularly when considering a lifetime appointment to the nation’s highest court. In reviewing Judge Sotomayor’s nomination, I have taken this obligation seriously. After careful consideration of her record and judicial philosophy, I have concluded I will vote against her nomination.

“In refusing to confirm that the Second Amendment is a fundamental right that applies to all 50 states – and thus, all Americans – Judge Sotomayor shows an alarming hostility toward law-abiding gun owners across the country. This is a view that is certainly out of the mainstream in Mississippi, and I believe across the rest of the nation.

“I am also troubled by what I see as Judge Sotomayor’s aversion to impartiality. She appears to believe in a legal system where decisions are based upon personal experiences and group preferences, not the letter of the law. Her record is that of someone who sees the courtroom as a place to legislate and make policy. This kind of judicial activism has no place in any court, particularly the Supreme Court.

“I have great respect for Judge Sotomayor’s life story and professional accomplishments. However, this appreciation does not change or hide the flaws in her record and judicial philosophy.”

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  1. Boat Covers permalink
    August 7, 2009 3:06 am

    This nomination is about partisan politics under the guise of gender and culture. The Democrats filibustered Miguel Estrada a highly qualified Hispanic, for the court of appeals. Democrats cheer leftist identity candidates and jeer conservative minority candidates. Clarence Thomas received a similar treatment.Sotomayor represents the leftist policies perfectly: strong supporter of racial preferences, judicial activist, and member of the racist, La Raza organization. Democrats are not against discrimination. They favor discrimination as long as they are the ones discriminating.Congratulations to the Democrats. You have nominated a biased judge who will reliably set policies from the bench.


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