Since We All Have Time To Read 1,000 Pages

2009 August 7
tags: health care, Travis Childers
by Brett

Billy Davis of The Panolian (h/t: Y’all Politics) has a very good interview with Travis Childers focusing on the healthcare debate, and the Congressman seemed to get more than a little aggravated (funny he hasn’t lost it during a Daily Journal interview yet- I wonder why).

I certainly encourage you to read the interview, but a couple things crossed my mind.

On a number of occasions, he said that people should “read the bill” as opposed to believe what they hear on TV. I agree Congressman: every time I hear Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi or Henry Waxman speak, I cut the TV off immediately. The last thing anyone should do is believe what they say. But at the same time, does Childers think we all have time to read the 1,000 page bill? It is just a guess, but most of us don’t have that much free time. You may notice in the interview Childers rarely gave many facts or details, but just said people should read the bill. Has the Congressman himself read the entire bill?

When asked about misconceptions with the bill, Childers replied:

There a lot of myths out there being spread by those who enjoy spreading falsehoods. I would urge people to go to the Web site and look at the bill.

Pressed on this more, he said:

I don’t want to get off into the weeds…Please look at the bill.

He did bring up “end-of-life” issues, but was then pressed again for “misinformation:”

I’m not going to address those. You know what those are. You’re an educated person. You know what every one of them are. I’m not going to address that.

When asked about proposed penalties for those who don’t buy health insurance, Childers was mainly concerned with the fact that someone in Maryland asked the question:

I’m not going to address those questions of what somebody said in Maryland. I could care less what somebody said in Maryland.

Pressed further:

Here’s the thing. All anyone has to do is pull that bill and look at it.

With performances like this, I can see why Childers has not announced any townhalls.

The bottom line is that people elect their Representatives for leadership. Refusing to answer questions in a snarky manner is not leadership.

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  1. 2009 August 7
    EvanS permalink

    I believe Travis wants to vote for this in his heart. If he could do what he wanted, he wouldn’t think twice. Of course he wants to get reelected so if Pelosi has the votes, he’ll prolly vote no. This interview was very good. Heck of a job Billy.

  2. 2009 August 7
    Dave permalink

    Time to flood Childers phones and let him know what us mobsters think of him spending OUR money.

  3. 2009 August 8

    My thing is I get a sense that a number of Reps and Senators think that we work for them- not that they work for us. They don’t realize they can’t fire us- but we can fire them.

  4. 2009 August 9
    Daniel P. McCarty permalink

    I believe they are called “Representatives” because they are to represent the people of their districts, not what the other less than honest memebers of their party vote or any other reason. I also think Childers is a coward if he is not going to plan any townhall meetings during the summer break and that is reason enough to make sure he never gets reelected as he obviously cannot represent his constituents and therefore cannot do his job for which he was elected. He is symtomatic of the overall problems with all politicians currently who are only interested in riding the gravy train to get reelected and continue to spend our hard earned money in ways that we do not want. Hasta la Vista, baby…..

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