Daily Journal: Nunnelee Will Get “Creamed” By Childers

2009 August 8
tags: 2010 House, Alan Nunnelee, MS-01, Travis Childers
by Brett

Writing on her blog, Patsy Brumfield said that some political experts (who are not Democrats) advised state Sen. Nunnelee to run for the lt. governor’s race that will be open in 2011 when Phil Bryant runs for governor. The reason for this thought: “They say he’ll get creamed by Travis Childers.”

I wonder which “non-Democrat experts” are predicting that. I wouldn’t be foolish enough to assume Nunnelee is the favorite or will win big; but others shouldn’t be foolish enough to assume he would get “creamed.”

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  1. 2009 August 8
    John Cochran permalink

    Since I’m not from the Tupelo area, I’m not familiar with Patsy Brumfield. Is she a Daily Journal reporter? A Democratic Party operative? A Travis Childers employee?

    Whatever, she’s wrong. Travis Childers is in deep trouble and doesn’t know how to balance Nancy Pelosi with north Mississippi democrats who still have a little conservative left in them. He hopes, and he may be right, that they are not sophisticated enough to spot the scam.

    He doesn’t work for Mississippi. Travis Childers works for Nancy Pelosi. If the vote is won for the Democrts she let’s him vote against her. If the vote is not decided fir the democrats, Travis will vote with her or he will be banished to Neverland.

    That’s why he’s in Israel now instead of facing the home folks.

    • 2009 August 8

      Brumfield is a political reporter for the DJ. The person who she quoted that said Childers would “cream” Nunnelee was a political operative of some sort.

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