David Hampton and Travis Childers Sitting In A Tree….

2009 August 8
tags: David Hampton, Travis Childers
by Brett

On the heels of Travis Childers’ disastrous interview with The Panolian, David Hampton seemed to mirror Childers’ disdain for people who attend townhalls to let their Senator or Representative know how they feel about proposed healthcare legislation.

From Hampton:

The performance of those showing up at congressional town hall meetings on health care and shouting down speakers is truly disgusting. Why can’t people simply listen to one another and discuss their positions with reason and respect. Sadly, I doubt there are few of the shouters who have a clue about what they are shouting about. Sadly, I doubt they care what the facts are.

This is what liberals think of those who don’t agree with them. They think they must be stupid if they don’t agree with everything Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi think up.

Remember, this is what Childers’ said:

What I’m not interested in, and what I don’t appreciate, is when the other party is busing people to try to be disruptive. That’s what’s unnecessary. We’re trying to help the situation.

David Hampton and Travis Childers sitting in a tree…

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  1. 2009 August 10
    Kingfish permalink

    If you talked to Hampton some time you might be surprised at how ill-informed he is.

  2. 2009 August 11
    S.A. Taylor permalink

    this is the most intellectually insulting approach to a topic that i’ve seen in my whole life! u clowns whipped the faithful into a frenzy and then stood back laughed at the carnage that ensued! sad that a once-great party, born of the noble elephant, has once again resorted to feigning outrage by way of innuendo. silly season, it seems is open again…

  3. 2009 August 13
    jesse wright permalink

    Childers didn’t call anyone stupid. He said he didn’t appreciate people being disruptive. Then you responded with a schoolyard chant. Way to go!

    If you read the Panolian interview you link to, Childers says, prior to the part you cut and pasted, is:

    “Certainly the concerns are justified. Now, if a person is willing to speak to me in a civil tone, and talk about concerns they genuinely have, I want to hear from them. ”

    Is that crazy or what?

    The fact is, we need healthcare reform and the best way to have everyone’s input is through a calm and rational dialog–not through shoutfests, hate, fear and a sustained campaign of misinformation.

    But I’m sure you’ll just call me some name and tell me to shut up.

    • 2009 August 13

      I never said Childers called anyone stupid. I said David Hampton did, although the two seem to have the same thoughts on townhalls. Notice Childers hasn’t been in town for his August vacation.

      “We need healthcare reform.” I don’t know many people who will disagree with that, but that doesn’t mean we need a bad bill shoved down our throat. If the people didnt realize what Obama/ Pelosi wanted the bill would of passed (why do you think BHO wanted it done before August?). The Dems have 60 Senators and 250+ Reps, yet the bill is in trouble- what does that tell you about it?

      I suppose I could call you names like a Nazi, racist, un-American, etc.- oh wait, that is what liberals are calling conservatives who disagree with BHO.

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