Wicker Talks Healthcare With Fox 40

2009 August 11
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by Staff

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U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, (R) Mississippi, is back in Mississippi beginning the first week of the Senate’s August recess. He spoke to FOX 40 News one-on-one Monday about changes in America’s health care system.

“We need to do it slow, we need to do it right, and we need to do it by consensus,” said Senator Wicker.

The political leader says it all starts with changing the way people get insurance with more affordability and accessibility topping the list.

“If we could look to other states such as Arkansas, Arizona and California and see if there’s a plan that meets our needs and buy it across state lines, it would open up 50 different markets,” noted Senator Wicker.

He also wants medical malpractice reform adding that doctors are avoiding lawsuits by practicing preventative medicine thus over-testing patients.

“There are a number of ways without capping damages that we can have realistic medical malpractice reform,” said Senator Wicker.

President Barack Obama is pushing for a government-run insurance option that he said would regulate companies and expand coverage to 46 million uninsured Americans. Mr. Obama said it’s necessary to spend now to help out later.

“I don’t like the cost of it,” said Senator Wicker. “We were told during the 2008 campaign that health care reform was intended to save money.”

Senator Wicker said spending more would put a big cash crunch on an already hurting Mississippi economy.

“How would Obama’s plan hurt Mississippi? It would make our budget unsustainable,” remarked Senator Wicker.

Senator Wicker said he will be touring the state until he heads back to Washington for more debate. Tuesday, the political leader is scheduled to speak to University of Mississippi Medical students about health care reform.

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