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Childers Scores A Zero on RePORK Card

August 12, 2009
tags: Bennie Thompson, Club For Growth, Gene Taylor, Gregg Harper, Travis Childers, voting record
by Brett

The Club For Growth released there latest “RePORK Card,” where they looked at how members of the House voted on 68 anti-pork amendments to the 12 annual spending bills. Descriptions of the proposed amendments are below the scores at the link above.

Rep. Travis Childers received a zero on the report, meaning he opposed every measure that was proposed. He was joined by Rep. Bennie Thompson is receiving a zero. Of course, Childers is a member of the Blue Dogs, who claim to be fiscal conservatives. Rep. Gene Taylor did not do much better, receiving a score of five. Rep. Gregg Harper, the lone Republican in the delegation, received a 52.

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