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Stand Strong Desoto County

September 14, 2009
tags: ACLU, Desoto County
by Brett

Last week I had a column titled “ACLU War on Mississippi” where I looked at there lawsuit against the DHS and Desoto schools. That lawsuit in defense of a student who was expelled for gang related pictures on his cell phone wasn’t the only attack on Desoto county by the ACLU. In fact there are currently four pending cases against the county by this organization, but they are denying that they are specifically targeting the suburban Memphis county. The Commercial Apparel looked at this over the weekend.

Fair warning: I despise the ACLU plain and simple. There work has helped to undermine this country. Of course, they are funded in part by taxpayers. Back to Desoto county.

Desoto county is one of the most desirable and well run counties in the state. The schools are excellent, communities are safe, and opportunities abound. Of course, it is also a bastion of conservativism and GOP support. Naturally, the ACLU is appalled- and ready to do something about it.

The ACLU is involved in four lawsuits targeting the school, police and/ or the city. In one case a woman wants $6 million because she says her son was pepper-sprayed for no reason. Would anyone here take $6 for some pepper spray? Interestingly, the person behind the lawsuit- Chandra McKinney – has been indicted for felony assault on a law enforcement officer and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Sounds like a model citizen to me. Check out the CA article for the rest of the incidents.

While it is not unusual for the ACLU to bring numerous lawsuits, it is unusual that Desoto county is not backing down. Many localities fear that costly lawsuits and ACLU-friendly judges will rule in the organizations favor and settling out of court is their best option. In fact that happened in Desoto county recently when their insurance company settled with the ACLU over a case involving minority students who claimed police officers manhandled and verbally abused them. Desoto county decided to fire that company, Trident.

Further, Mayor Greg Davis and the city have now gone on the record of saying they will now decide if the city should settle- not the insurance company. They fear that the ACLU will sense the opening, and only look for more. This is exactly what is happening. When the ACLU has an easy target, they do not let up.

Desoto county is a model in conservative government, and they need to be applauded for their stance against the ACLU. Other cities and counties should follow their move.

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  1. Concerned Citizen permalink
    August 13, 2010 3:13 am

    It’s a shame that the citizens of Desoto county appauld rouge officers. I assume that the author this article is a “white” american who is gratified by Southaven police officers are still calling their black citizens “nigga” ****** and unfit to be citizens of their precious county, considering that these so called “niggas” are paying their salaries thru tax dollars.

    Mayor Greg Davis and other city leaders should be removed from office by allowing such actions to transpire. It just goes to show that racism is alive and well in Desoto. Way to go REBELS!!!

  2. Angel permalink
    November 17, 2010 11:41 am

    Personally i feel that they should have got something out of this. Her son didn’t deserve the treatment he got he was only a child. Therefore Southaven MS should pay for what they have done although it happened long ago.

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