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Bryant Comments on ACLU Suit Targeting Abstinence Program

September 16, 2009
tags: ACLU, Department of Human Services, Phil Bryant
by Brett

One News Now has an article about the ACLU lawsuit against DHS for hosting an abstinence summit that featured religious themes. They were able to speak with Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant and here is what he said:

“I attended an abstinence rally with thousands of youths who were excited about abstinence and about trying to bring down the teenage birth rate in the state of Mississippi, to try to stop children from having children, and it was working.

Of course, we’ve heard the fallacy of that wall between the church and state for many years. We were not there saying we were going to mandate a federal religious program…We were there saying that we believe that our faith leads us to the point to where teenagers having children, being impregnated by a lot of times adult men, is a sin.”

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