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Friday Ramblings with Robert

September 18, 2009

In honor of Kanye West and his award show outburst, I present to you the Friday Ramblings Awards with commentary from Mr. West himself.

Racism: Excuse of the Year

There has been no greater excuse given this year when disagreeing with the President than pure racism on the part of the person who dares to confront the Messiah.  We saw it with Joe Wilson recently and we have seen it in terms of healthcare legislation.  There is no other way to explain disagreeing with the World’s President than racism.  God forbid you actually have a different opinion and outlook on things.  What is old is new again as we have slid back into 1960s style thinking.  Apparently things have not changed and we have not come as far as we thought in race relations in America.   That is why the Friday Ramblings Award goes to Racism as the Best Excuse of the Year. 

Racism:  Thank you, it’s been a long time coming and I am happy to be back in the spotlight and I would like to thank….

Kanye:  Yo, Racism you had a great year and all and I’m gonna let you finish, but blaming George Bush was the greatest excuse of the year, of the year.

ACORN: Corrupt Group of the Year

Perhaps no group has been in the spotlight as much as ACORN has been over the past year.  Whether it be blatant election fraud in all forms and now offering expert advice on how to set up brothels with underage and illegal prostitutes.  We applaud them for their very corrupt work this year and that is why they are this years Friday Ramblings Award winner for Most Corrupt Group of the Year.

ACORN: Wow just wow we can’t believe it what an incredible year.  We really turned some heads this year and we couldn’t have done it without tons of free cigarettes and….

Kanye: Yo, ACORN you had an amazing year and all and I’m gonna let you finish, but Congress and their bailouts were the most corrupt group of the year and maybe of all time, all time.

Healthcare Reform Legislation: Bad Bill of the Year

We close the awards show with the award for Bad Bill of the Year.  No piece of legislation has been more scrutinized this year than healthcare reform.  It has been all over the news day in and day out.  There was plenty of other competition in this category, but nothing could top the year that Healthcare Reform Legislation has had.  This years award for Bad Bill of the Year goes to Healthcare Reform Legislation.

Healthcare:  What an honor I knew we had a shot with all my shoddy options especially that whole public option deal and…

Kanye: Yo, Healthcare you had an incredible year and all and I’m gonna let you finish, but…. damn they got this one right you are just bad.

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