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NAACP and Mississippi Highway Patrol

September 24, 2009
tags: Mississippi Highway Patrol, NAACP, Steve Simpson
by Brett

Here is the latest. First, from the NAACP:

NAACP state President Derrick Johnson said, based on his conversations with black troopers, the Department of Public Safety fired some, transferred others arbitrarily and handed out harsher discipline after the group filed a discrimination complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in January.

Johnson announced at a news conference today that charges of retaliation have been filed with the commission. Earlier this year, the EEOC said it found validity in the group’s complaint about DPS hiring and promotion practices.

Public Safety Commissioner Steve Simpson responded:

“I have asked repeatedly for documentation, affidavit, testimonials for someone to come sitting right where you are today, and tell me this person has discriminated against me in this manner, on this day,“ said Commissioner Stephen Simpson. “Not one single trooper has done that.“

He says only two troopers have been fired since the complaint was filed earlier this year. One is black, the other is white. Commissioner Simpson says both were terminated because of medical reasons.

“One of them was based on an unfit for duty doctor’s report,“ said Commissioner Simpson.

He tells us eight troopers have been reassigned, four blacks and four whites. Commissioner Simpson tells us the four blacks transferred were not being punished because of the complaint.

“One of those was an employee request to be reassigned, two were temporary reassignments, and one was reassigned by administration to move to a different post,“ said Commissioner Simpson.

The bad news is that this now rests in the hands of the Justice Department. The same JD that found no validity in claims that armed Black Panthers guarding a polling station were violating anyone’s Civil Rights or Voting Rights. Want to guess what they think of this case?

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