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Sen. Lee Yancey Comments on Obama’s Award

Writing on his Facebook page, state Sen. Lee Yancey said this about the world’s newest Nobel Peace Prize winner: “How do you win a Nobel Peace prize when nominations close 2 weeks after being elected? Cheaply given!”

This morning we woke up to the humorous news that Barack Obama won this award that has long ago lost its credibility. While popular in Europe and academic circles, most people couldn’t name a handful of the winners (and that’s a good thing). Jimmy Carter couldn’t free our hostages and won it. I don’t need to say anymore. Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War and didn’t win it. I don’t need to say anymore. Al Gore flies around in a private jet and lives in a house that uses more energy than some towns and won it. I don’t need to say anymore. George Bush liberated 25 million Iraqi’s from Saddam’s reign and didn’t win it. I don’t need to say anymore. The truth is this is a leftist, anti-American award long removed from its initial purpose.

It is ironic has the award was announced one week to the day that the Obama’s got humiliated when Chicago finished fourth (out of four) in Olympic voting. After that liberals and Democrats came out swinging defending the multi-million dollar trip overseas to fight for his hometown saying the president was just supporting America. They knew the American people would see this as weakness, and worse- a failure. Republicans didn’t need to gloat or criticize the president. Today, the DNC sent out a press release comparing the Republicans with terrorists as the only people not happy Obama won the award. Once again, Republicans don’t need to say anything. Americans have seen what Obama has accomplished and while these awards are big in Cambridge they don’t lower the country’s unemployment rate. The Democrats have been mighty defensive lately…there’s a reason for it.

Congratulations Barack…you’re win made one thing much more evident to me: You would be better suited as head of the UN than as president of the United States.

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