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More On Granholm’s Comments

We haven’t seen a whole lot of coverage of Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm’s comments about Michigan turning into Mississippi, but the Sun Herald was able to get reaction from several Mississippi officials.

Roger Wicker: “I invite Gov. Granholm to visit Mississippi anytime. She may find it beneficial to learn about how Mississippi’s skilled workers continue to compete and succeed in the global economy.”

Tate Reeves: “Michigan has experienced multiple government shutdowns in the last several years because of a single simplistic philosophical belief that bigger government, higher taxes, and an outright hostile approach to business is the way to prosperity. If Gov. Granholm actually looked at the facts on Mississippi’s unemployment rates, our tax burden, and the progress we have made in education, she would probably wish she had chosen her words more carefully. While I recognize that we have much more work to do to continue to climb up the economic ladder, I am convinced that a continued focus on pro-growth, business friendly, job creation efforts are the certain path to improve our competitiveness nationally and internationally.”

Phil Bryant: “It is disappointing that the Michigan governor did not check her facts before she made her statement. Unlike Michigan, Mississippi is not facing a $2.8 billion budget deficit.”

Gene Taylor called the remarks “stupid” and Thad Cochran praised Haley Barbour’s leadership. Several others did not reply, including Mississippi Democrat Party officials.

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