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Bus Drivers Seem Disappointed Strike Was Called Off

October 14, 2009
tags: First Student, labor unions, strike, Teamsters
by Brett

First Student bus drivers were gearing up for a strike until they get word last night that it had been called off because of a temporary restraining order. Instead of walking the picket line, they ran there usual bus routes. And while striking union members would receive no pay or benefits (other than what the union offers), they did not seem too happy to be back at work.

Gloria Mitchell, a First Student driver, said: “At least they got First Student’s attention you know, because they are looking down on Mississippi any way. You know they feel that we do not deserve money that the other states are being paid.”

James Sanders, another driver, said: “You know everybody is like trying to stand tough or strong and.. But this is our bread and butter.”

Markashia Thompson, who also drives buses, said: “If it wasn’t for us you know, how the kids gonna get to school. We get them to school safe and sound every day.”

The restraining order gives the sides 10 more days to work out a deal.

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  1. Mays permalink
    October 14, 2009 12:46 pm

    Bus drivers are not paid enough for the work they do, our kids lives are in their hand. No only do they have to get kids home safetly they have to deal with fights on bus, disrespectful kids, and more.They should be paid more.

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