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No Wonder Obama Didn’t Visit Mississippi

October 15, 2009
tags: Barack Obama, Hurricane Katrina
by Brett

It created some in-state controversy when Pres. Barack Obama decided his first tour of Hurricane Katrina rebuilding will not include the Magnolia State. Republicans and Democrats alike made the point that the Mississippi Gulf Coast took a direct hit from the storm, as opposed to New Orleans which flooded after the levees broke.

By the end of the day, Obama’s tour of the area has ended and after reading parts of his speech it is not surprising that he skipped Mississippi. Because one thing is certain: he could have given the same speech across the state line. He took the time to do two main things. The first was criticize the Bush Administration. The second was to stress the importance of government. Needless to say, the speech played well at the highly partisan crowd in New Orleans.

The crowd even booed Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal when he was announced. To Obama’s credit, he (sort of) defended the governor.

A speech in Mississippi would look much different. Regardless of what the government did- or didn’t do- private citizens, charities, and church organizations banded together and showed the true spirit of America. Nobody is denying the work that remains (in Mississippi or Louisiana), but it is clear Mississippi does not fit Obama’s profile for Katrina recovery.

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  1. Mike Bedgood permalink
    October 16, 2009 2:24 am

    Obama didn’t visit Mississippi because the Republican Governor did an outstanding job before during and after Katrina, whereas all the Louisiana Governor did was go on TV and ask people to write their social security number on their arm. Obama could not criticize the Mississippi government, so he didn’t go.

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