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Friday Ramblings with Robert

October 16, 2009
tags: 2011 Governor, Barack Obama, Bill Luckett, Hudson Holliday, Hurricane Katrina, Jennifer Granholm
by Robert

Michigan, oh Michigan

Jennifer Granholm the Governor of Michigan gets the Shut the Hell Up Award from me this week for letting her mouth get the best of her.  The nerve to actually try and prop up your failed administration by saying you don’t want your state to be the next Mississippi is really sad.  The saddest part of all is that no one on your support staff had the intelligence to make sure when you opened your damn mouth the other day and made your asinine statement that you actually had some facts to stand on.  Michigan is a beautiful state and there are a lot of wonderful people there, in fact my wife is a native of Michigan and much of her family still resides there, and they all deserve better than what they call Governor up there. 

Shocker: Obama Snubs Mississippi

Thank you Mr. President for not coming to Mississippi and seeing what real post-Katrina progress looks like.  I understand that you feel an obligation to those in New Orleans who have lived off the government for their whole lives and need to be continually propped up by your presence.  Keep in mind though that they are still waiting for you to rebuild their homes and to pay for them as well so please don’t let them down.  The people on the Mississippi Gulf Coast should be commended for their hard work and struggles to rebuild their homes and communities while their neighbors to the west continue to hope for a miracle to happen and for everything to be fixed for them.  Mississippians should take this apparent snub as a sign that everything we are doing here is being done the right way and we frankly don’t need a pep talk from the President to make us feel better about ourselves.

Governor Race Ramblings

I don’t really know Hudson Holliday, but I’m sure he is a great guy and all and he has done alot to serve this state and country.  I’m just not sure he’s got a dog’s chance of winning the Republican Primary for Governor.  It would be a heck of a jump from county supervisor to Governor, but I guess everybody can dream can’t they. 

Bill Luckett apparently can’t raise any money in Mississippi for his campaign for Governor so he is resorting to have his buddy Morgan Freeman round up some of that Hollywood money to help out the Democratic candidate for Governor.  I am sure the good people of Mississippi will appreciate the fine upstanding people of Hollywood trying to buy their votes and support for Hollywood Luckett.

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