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How Did Gregg Harper Get Liberals So Fired Up?

October 21, 2009
tags: Gregg Harper
by Brett

It appears that some liberals can’t take a joke. Yesterday, Rep. Gregg Harper did a piece with Politico where he gave humorous answers to many questions. The one answer that has the liberals in a tizzy was what he said when he was asked what the Sportsman Caucus does: “We hunt liberal, tree-hugging Democrats, although it does seem like a waste of good ammunition.”

What was my reaction? That’s pretty funny. How did liberals react? That racist Republican who represents Neshoba County where three Civil Rights workers were killed is so insensitive.

I suppose you need two things to find Harper’s comments funny. One- a sense of humor (sorry liberals). Two- to have read the rest of the piece. For example when Harper was asked if he had broken his streak of not introducing any bills yet, he responded, ‘Bill who?’

The usual cast of liberals offered their thoughts.

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  1. clayton permalink
    October 21, 2009 10:24 am

    Geezlouise. Really? They’re upset about that. I always wondered what happened to those kids in kindergarten who couldn’t wait to tattle to the teacher when someone told a joke during playtime. They grew up to be liberal bloggers.

    • October 21, 2009 10:45 am

      Well said. If you’re first reaction to Harper’s comments is that he was refering to the murders in Neshoba then you need help…actually you may be beyond help.

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