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Friday Ramblings with Robert

October 23, 2009
tags: Dixie, First Student, Hinds County, labor unions, Ole Miss, special session, strike, Teamsters
by Robert

Just Fire Them

The bus driver strike in Hinds County has been a hot topic this week.  The local Teamsters and their bus drivers sought to make a point yesterday by going on strike in just Hinds County, but the effects seem to be minimal.  There were little to no problems with students getting to and from school yesterday as 38 of 92 drivers walked out.  First Student is bringing in close to 45 backup drivers from other states to help the cause.  I don’t mean to belittle the work that bus drivers do, but these 38 who walked out on the kids, that rely on them everyday, would be wishing they still had the job if I were in charge.  There is a time and place for everything and this was not the way to do it by jeopardizing the students’ education.  I think these 38 drivers who think they are God’s gift to the school system and First Student should be so lucky as to have to go find work in a time when so many are happy and thankful to have any kind of job at all.

The South Will Not Rise Again

“The South Will Rise Again” over the last few years has been a popular chant shouted by the Ole Miss students at games at the conclusion of  “From Dixie with Love,” but Chancellor Dan Jones has heard enough and is on a mission to have it stopped.  Opponents say it is tradition and heritage, but I disagree since it has only been around for a few years.  The fact is that it is embarrassing once again to have your school portrayed in a negative light over something so non-traditional and be upset and throw a fit about your traditions and heritage being stripped away.  Good riddance to the phrase and shame on the students who continue to agitate the issue as opposed to acting like an adult and just getting over it and moving on with your life.  Mississippi needs all the good PR, although unfairly, it can get and this does nothing to help that.

Another Special Session

Yes another special session, but this time it is actually for a good reason this time.  Mississippi is a great state for business and this just further illustrates that as some international company it appears has decide to invest a considerable amount of money and resources to locate a large facility employing 500 people in the Tunica area.  Granted Tunica is the northern part of the Mississippi Delta, but it is good to be creating any kind of jobs in that region period.  Now to the big mystery, who exactly is this company?  There is speculation apparently that it is a German manufacturer of steel pipes.  I have unsuccessfully searched Google Deutschland and have no clue who it is, but I welcome any guesses.  To start the Guess the German Pipe Company Pool I will go with Erndtebr├╝cker Eisenwerk GmbH & Co as my guess, which is purely a guess as I know nothing about who it actually is.

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  1. amber permalink
    October 23, 2009 10:29 am

    Robert I agree with you on the Ole Miss chant. I graduated from Ole Miss. There is so much that is good at this institution that goes unrecognized because of things like this. I was at Ole Miss during the Rebel flag issue. I also had a teacher tell me that my degree from Ole Miss was not as valuable as a degree held by a black student from Ole Miss because the school was so rascist. Yes she was a professor at the school. I am ready for Ole Miss to move forward and be identified as the great school it is.

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