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Remember When Businesses Closed Early on Wednesday?

October 27, 2009
tags: church
by Brett

Well, a group of pastors in Greenwood have sent a letter to school administrators asking that they keep Wednesday free of extracurricular activities.

From the Greenwood Commonwealth:

“Wednesday evenings, particularly throughout the South, have been known as ‘church night,’ allowing our youth and other family members time to engage in church-related activities,” the letter read.

“The main reason that we wrote this letter is that we noticed that on Wednesdays there’s been a dropoff,” said the Rev. Greg Plata, pastor of St. Francis of Assisi and Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Churches. “This coach has a practice. That group has a meeting. Wednesday was always church night. What is beginning to happen is that the schools are beginning to use Wednesday night as another extracurricular activity.”

Dr. Rusty Douglas, pastor of First Presbyterian Church, said the association was attempting to emphasize the church’s traditional role on Wednesday nights.

Read the original letter the group sent to paper on Monday here.

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