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Friday Ramblings with Robert

October 30, 2009
tags: Haley Barbour, state legislature, Travis Childers
by Robert

Barbour Appoints A Black Judge

Somebody call the Magnolia Bar Association and let them know that Haley Barbour has finally appointed a black judge to the bench in Mississippi.  Wait maybe Malcolm Harrison, the appointee, can let them know since he is the past president of the group.  Harrison will fill the bench vacated by Bobby DeLaughter and has plans to run for re-election once this partial term is over.  All signs point to this being a solid appointment by Barbour and most of all he sheds another critic off.  I just thought it was interesting and a smart political move by Barbour to take this particular critic, Magnolia Bar, head on and appoint one of their past presidents.  Good move by Barbour.

No Reaction = No Surprise 

Travis Childers is quiet again when it counts the most and frankly we have all become used to this.  This is going to be a tough call for Childers as it is another hot button issue which he will have to potentially defend his position over the next year on the campaign trail.  From the past I would say we can judge that if House Dems need a vote Childers will be there for them, but if he sees it passing easily don’t be surprised if he votes against it purely as a political re-election move.  Over his short time in Congress we can easily say that the man does not vote based on how he truly feels, but rather as a means for political survival.

The German Pipe Company Pool is Still Alive  

As mentioned last week Mississippi legislators were expected to convene for a special session this week but that has been pushed back so the mystery German pipe company can finalize some more details before it is presented to legislators.  The two big questions around all this has been will legislators refuse pay for what is expected to be a short get together and who exactly is the company.  Both of those questions live on for another week at least as the speculation continues to mount.  I think legislators should just say no to the extra cash and finally do something good for the average taxpaying Mississippian.  Also, I am sticking to my pool selection of Erndtebr├╝cker Eisenwerk GmbH & Co as my guess on the German pipe company.  I am all alone in the pool and invite anyone interested to do their best Google Deutschland search and offer up a better guess.

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