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2009 November 3
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by Brett

Several high profile elections will be decided today including gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey, as well as a special election for NY-23. I have been following those races closely, and may do a follow up tomorrow morning, but have opted not to write about them as this is a Mississippi blog. But one issue that has been debated in great detail here is law for at least one of those key races. I am talking about early voting. New York permits a form of early voting. Up until this past Saturday, there was a three race for the open Congressional seat in upstate New York between a liberal Democrat, a liberal Republican and a Conservative Party candidate (who as the name would suggest, is a conservative). That liberal Republican- Dede Scozzafava- abruptly pulled out of the race on Saturday citing sinking poll numbers. However, I can’t help but wonder how many people voted for Scozzafava during the early voting period who would now vote for Doug Hoffman- the conservative candidate.

The issue has been debated at great lengths in Mississippi, and came close to becoming law this past spring. This is just another reason to be cautious next time someone tells you we need it.

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  1. 2009 November 4
    RandomThoughts permalink

    You raise an interesting point; however, an anamoly is not a good reason to be against early voting. Early voting is a convenience an individual can opt to take advantage of or not. No state that I am aware of forces a person to vote early. Yes, there is always a chance that if you vote for a candidate prior to election day that individual can die or withdraw, but how often does that happen? The same could happen for individuals who vote absentee, or armed forces members who vote prior to election day – but does that mean we should scrap absentee voting?

    People in MS already participate in early voting through absentee voting, which is far more susceptible to voter fraud then early voting. I have lived in states that have had both early voting and voter ID, its a good system, cuts down on lines, elections run smother, and it elicites higher voter turnout which is fundamental to the health of a democracy.

    The system of everyone voting on a set election day (Tuesday) may have been great in agrarian times when the country had a smaller population and an even smaller population of eligible voters. Now it makes little sense to not accomodate our elections so more people can participate, and have an identification system so people will have faith in the integrity of the system.

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