Childers Confirms Opposition To Latest Healthcare Bill

2009 November 5
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by Brett

Rep. Travis Childers released this statement on H.R. 3962 yesterday:

“Today, millions of hard-working Americans are suffering from soaring premiums that are increasing seven times faster than wages. Our country needs health care reform, and there is no one who wants to see the implementation of successful reform and lower premiums for individuals and families more than I do.

“However, for several reasons, I will vote ‘no’ on the House’s health care reform bill, H.R. 3962.

“First and foremost, I cannot vote for legislation with this big of a price tag in today’s economic climate. I would also like to see legislation that contains stronger language to prohibit federal funding for abortion and provides equal access to care for individuals in rural communities. My concerns in these areas have not been sufficiently addressed by this legislation.

“Health care reform legislation in the House has come incredibly far from where it was when we began this discussion. But we need to get this legislation right, not just get it fast.

“Potential reform is still a work in progress, and the House bill is only one of many steps that lie ahead before Congress votes on final legislation. The Senate has yet to act on its bill and we don’t know what the conference report – the final bill – will ultimately look like. It must be a commonsense plan that reflects Mississippi values.”

I consider it no coincidence that this statement came out exactly one day after Republicans won big in New Jersey and Virginia. About the legislation, I believe Pelosi and the Democrat leadership is still bent on pushing through a vote- possibly Saturday. After all, Pelosi declared Democrats the winners on Tuesday night (just in case you were wondering what type of fantasy world she lives in that should confirm it).

Alan Nunnelee released this statement voicing his pleasure with Childers’ decision, but raised an important point: that he did not rule of voting for future versions of the bill. It also includes several points Nunnelee would like to see in a healthcare bill.

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  1. 2009 November 5
    RandomThoughts permalink

    Apparently Nunnelee plans on being just another big government Republican who thinks Washington knows better than Mississippi how to handle its own affairs.

    On Nunnelee’s health care wish list “7. We must pass comprehensive tort reform.”

    While I am not a big fan of tort reform I am absolutely opposed to any senator, congressman, or federal dog catcher who thinks they in Washington know better how to handle state affairs than the legislators in Mississippi. Whats wrong with the Mississippi system that needs to be fixed? Whats wrong with the 85% of states that have med mal damage caps that need to be fixed by this bozo?

    For the past seven years everyone in Mississippi have praised Barbour for his tort reform legislation. But now Nunnelee comes along and wants a DC bill which will pre-empt what has passed in Mississippi. It is a bad road to go down and the federal government has NO business being involved in the STATE court system.

    Republicans love to spout off ideals such as limited government, conservative spending, and federalism. BUT when they get to DC they are just as quick to expand federal government and spend to support THEIR programs/donors. The sad fact of american policitics is both parties are out of touch with their constitutients and just about every DC politician is so full of **** their eyes are brown.

    So for us Nunnelee is campaiging to be more of the same only now its on his terms…

  2. 2009 November 5
    Chris permalink

    So are you opposed to Obamacare/ Pelosicare? Seems like you’re just trying to take a shot at Nunnelee but wrapping it up in “both parties are awful” to sound like you’re not a Democratic hack. I get the sense you are only concerned about “state’s rights” when liberals are the beneficiaries.

  3. 2009 November 5
    RandomThoughts permalink

    For the record I am against the healthcare plan now offered. I am not categorically opposed to some form of government healthcare reform although in these current economic times I see such a change is not wise. Though if you are one of those who think the current system is great you are sadly mistaken.

    As for me, I am not a democratic hack, nor am I a republican hack as you are. I am tired of the rampant hypocrasy in both parties. Although you appear to be content with the status quo as long as they have an (R) next to their name.

    As for my views on state’s rights. I believe in a limited federal government which does not encroach upon state issues such as marriage, abortion, access to courts, gun rights, and I can go on and on. I believe the 10th amendment means something. Do you even know what the 10th amendment is? The trouble with many of the (R)s is that now they are clamoring for tort reform in a health care bill and in doing so they are talking out of both sides of their mouth. They say “the federal government should not pass gun restrictions on the states” and at the same time they say “the federal government should pass tort reform for the states.” Do you not see the hypocrisy ? Are you that blind?

    Am I being hard on Nunnelee and the republicans? Yes!!! Why because ideologically I am more inline with their beliefs but every day its more and more double talk and it turns me off. As long as we support politicians who will say anything to get elected and who have no real beliefs other than to their donors -and not their constituents- then we should expect more of the same. You appear to be fine with that, I am not.

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