MS-01: Huckabee Endorses Nunnelee

2009 November 6
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by Staff

Mike Huckabee press release:

Huck PAC and Governor Mike Huckabee are proud to endorse Senator Alan Nunnelee for Mississippi Congress (CD-1).

Senator Nunnelee has been strong voice for republicans for over a decade in the Mississippi Senate. A true pro-life champion, Sen. Nunnelee agrees that every single life has value, and should be protected from the moment of conception.

Senator Nunnelee was instrumental in bringing comprehensive Tort Reform to Mississippi. Nunnelee has also been nationally recognized for his success in making Mississippi the safest place for unborn children.

He has been rated as a Business Champion for his support of issues relating to the free enterprise system as well as recognized by the Mississippi Lions Eye Bank for invaluable service to the blind.

“Alan has been a faithful public servant for over decade, and in that time has been guided by an unwavering pro-life stance. I look forward to seeing Senator Nunnelee head to Washington D.C. to represent the people of Mississippi.”

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  1. 2009 November 6
    Citizen Liberty permalink

    There is a group in Mississippi that will defeat Incumbent Gene Pelosi Taylor. The most conservative District in the United States. We will be getting Gene Taylor out, because he is not a conservative. There is also a group out there

    Gene Taylor has a NON Politician running against him. Gene Taylor to vote for Health Care bill if it has Prescription Drug and Generic changes or Anti Trust. I would assume if they lump the Multi-Perils crap in their also that he would support it, but he has not stated that as of yet.

    Gene Taylor:

    ” If I get a chance to take away the anti trust exemption I’m gonna do it.” He said this when asked what circumstances he would vote for National Health Care, Socialist Health Care etc.

    Check out him on YouTube below on this issue and many others such as taxes and Obama. He states that Obama just gave us a tax cut and also demonstrates ignorance on the Constitution as far as Article 1 Section 8. He says he does not believe there are Czars, nor did he know who Acorn was. Check it out, some conservative huh?

    Gene Taylor’s opponent and successor is Joe Tegerdine

  2. 2009 November 7
    amber permalink

    Love Huckabee and look forward to voting for Nunnelee. Also I look forward to voting against Chicken Childers.

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