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Childers Helped Himself Greatly with Healthcare Vote

November 10, 2009
tags: 2010 House, healthcare, MS-01, Travis Childers
by Brett

The Desoto Times Tribune has an editorial saying that Childers’ vote against the Democrats healthcare reform bill just made the race to topple him a little more difficult. I agree. At this time, there is no reason to think that Childers is not the front-runner. If I was one of those groups in DC that rates Congressional races, I would probably say this is a lean Democrat (or slight lean). That certainly doesn’t mean Childers is a lock. Alan Nunnelee has done a lot of things behind-the-scene, but the real race hasn’t started.

And more than Childers vote on Saturday night, I think things like this help keep him above the fray and play in his favor. I am not sure if this is some sort of reverse psychology MoveOn is attempting, but they clearly don’t have a clue about MS-01. They knock Childers for his vote in support of the abortion restriction and his opposition to the final bill. They say conservatives were wrong for splitting the race is NY-23 and the media used that to portray a division in the GOP; how about we look at these kooks first?

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