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Local Democrats Plan To Protest Childers’ Healthcare Vote

November 12, 2009
tags: healthcare, Travis Childers
by Brett

Travis Childers will be in Oxford tomorrow night for a fundraiser. However, some local Democrats are planning on showing up to voice their displeasure with the First District Congressman.

Merrill Nordstrom, vice-chair of the local Democratic committee, said: “I’m disappointed in his vote. I hope he can redeem himself when it gets to the full Congress.”

One resident said: “I do plan on being at the rally. I feel he has let his most loyal constituents down too many times. The ability to afford health insurance is paramount… It’s important he knows how we feel because this bill will return to the House once it is out of conference with the Senate bill. He should know that we expect him to do the right thing for all those people who worked so hard to get him into office and for those who gave him their vote.”

Another resident said: “I’m hoping that maybe seeing his constituents actively assembling in protest of his vote will make him re-evaluate his position on health care. I also hope it will make him consider voting more in keeping with Democratic values, since he claims to be a Democrat…some of his recent votes have been far out of line with Democratic values.”

Local attorney Joyce Freeland plans on wearing an anti-Blue Dog sticker, and said this: “One on one, he is a very nice person. But he’s up there in D.C., with a very inexperienced staff…He does not realize how out-of-touch he is with the folks who supported him and got him elected. He seems to be focusing on his conservative, pro-life, pro-gun values and not dealing with the issues in front of us — families being randomly destroyed by medical bills. I think he has just gone to the big city and fallen in with the wrong crowd — the ‘blue-dog” naysayers.”

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