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Friday Ramblings with Robert

November 13, 2009
tags: MS-01, Ole Miss, Travis Childers
by Robert

Childer’s Own Supporters Turning on Him?

Poor Travis Childer’s just can’t catch a break.  I congratulate him on voting against the House version of the healthcare reform bill, but apparently his own kind are mad at him.  This to me exemplifies how hard it is to be a so-called blue dog right now in Congress.  These guys know they have to play the middle and risk upsetting the far left of their party and apparently Childers has gone too far with staunch liberals in north Mississippi.  They have started to turn on him and it could hurt him dearly if these folks are so turned off by him that they are not motivated to go vote next year.  The thin ice that Childers likes to skate on appears to be cracking underneath him at the worst possible time.

Dan Jones Doesn’t Joke Around

I wonder if students will continue to not take Ole Miss Chancellor Dan Jones seriously after he pulled the plug on “From Dixie with Love” the song that leads to the much controversial “The South Will Rise Again” chant.  Dr. Jones is a good guy and I stand behind him on this as do the majority of Ole Miss alumni and supporters.  I agree it has not been the prettiest of situations and maybe could have been handled better, but he gave students, who are the ones mostly to blame here, several chances to get it together and they continued to be defiant.  Now the students who are so high on heritage and tradition can look to white supremacist Richard Barrett and the KKK for support.  Personally, I wouldn’t want those two in my corner on an issue such as this.  Good job students can’t wait to see the KKK walking through the Grove Saturday.

Could It Really Happen

If what we have been hearing is true Mississippi may be headed toward consolidation in higher education.  Let me just say that this would be an incredibly great idea and would be very beneficial to the state in the long run.  However, I will believe it when I see it and I honestly don’t see it happening anytime soon.  Mississippi cannot support all of the public universities it currently has going into the future.  The cost get higher every year and with stagnant to dwindling enrollments it just makes sense to shut down a couple of schools and combine them with very close geographic alternatives.  We will just have to wait and see.

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