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MUW Alums Promise to Fight Merger Talks

November 16, 2009
tags: education consolidation, Mississippi Univ. for Women
by Brett

You had to be expecting this.

And the truth is I see where there coming from. If a school I loved deeply and had supported over the years was on the chopping block, I wouldn’t be too happy. At the same time, the legislature needs to realize you can’t make everyone happy. While I would expect and understand legislative members from Lowndes county fighting merger talks, the rest of the body needs to look at the issue and decide what is the best thing to do for the state moving forward- and what makes the most sense.

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  1. From North MS permalink
    November 17, 2009 10:12 am

    Of course they will, and we know the outcome. For some reason the legislature loves keeping the old dinosaurs in place. I say make them a private school and that way they can restrict access to women only and at least the school will have a purpose and identity.

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