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From The Man Who Thinks There Is A 48th Congressional District in Mississippi…

November 17, 2009
tags: Barack Obama
by Brett

We bring you President Obama’s holiday plans:

It is being reported that Barack Obama plans to spend his holidays in Texas to watch the Bluebonnet Bowl. He said this year’s matchup of Philips College from the Southwest Conference and Sewanee (also known as The University of the South) from the Southeastern Conference really interests him.

Update: Aides have informed the president that the Bluebonnet Bowl has been defunct since 1987.

Update 2: Obama was also shocked to learn that Philips only spent one year in the SWC (1920) before moving to the NAIA ranks before the school shut down in 1998. Obama was also said to be depressed when he found out that the SWC disbanded in 1996.

Update 3: Obama has just learned that Sewanee, whose 1899 football team is regarded as one of the best ever, left the SEC in 1940 and is now a member of Division III. Obama blames the man who reported that the stimulus had created 3 jobs in the 48th congressional district in Mississippi.

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