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Stop Quoting Bill Jones Like He Is Some Independent Source

November 18, 2009
tags: Bill Jones, education consolidation
by Brett

Various news sources have quoted Bill Jones, the Chairman of the State Board of Education, as he attempts to fire up opposition to school mergers. After all it would make sense to quote someone in that position, right? Well, I guess so.

Here is what he told WDAM out of Hattiesburg: “There is widespread support among right wing ideological people who think there are too many schools. Who enjoy the comfort of their opinion without any real inconvenience of thought, and the Governor is one of them.”

And he was quoted in the Clarion-Ledger: “Gov. Barbour’s trying to tell the people of the state of Mississippi they can’t afford to educate their children. That logic is simply flawed. It’s time for the governor to be a leader and not rely upon the present economic situation to force his ideology down everyone’s throats.”

Pretty harsh stuff right…Of course, he is also someone who happens to be a partisan Democrat.

Jones is a former member of the State House where he served in various leadership positions including Chairman of the House Judiciary “B” Committee and Vice Chairman of the Judiciary “A” Committee.

Since that time, the attorney has handed out money to various Democrats as details:

By virtue of his position, it makes sense to quote Jones. However, give the readers some information on the man’s background and ideology.

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