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Friday Rambling’s with Robert

November 20, 2009
tags: Barack Obama, Congress, education consolidation, Ole Miss
by Robert

At What Cost

The university merger proposal drafted by Governor Haley Barbour has sure upset several groups who claim to have a stake in the issue.  This is great that these people want to be involved now, but where have they been the last several years while the state has continually propped up several of the schools involved.  Enough is enough we can all stand around and do nothing like has been the status quo with this issue for years or we can continue to watch the state put good money over bad into schools whose enrollments have been on the decline and are just eating up valuable resources.  At what point do we say enough is enough and that’s all we can do to try and make your university successful and it’s just not working.  There is no accountability in the system and if we continue at this rate we are only headed toward the same results year after year. If these opposition groups are so concerned why don’t they pull out their own checkbooks and start making donations to these schools to help ease the burden that exist.  Oh yeah, don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

Rednecks In Sheets and Pillowcases

Ole Miss just can’t catch a break when it comes to trying to deal with race relations.  The Mississippi White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan announced that they will hold a rally outside of Fulton Chapel on campus tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.  It should be noted that the area they plan to demonstrate at is a “free speech zone” on campus where any wacky or outlandish group can come and say whatever they feel like saying without fear of being run off by university officials.  Ole Miss will catch a bad rap for this and all the headlines will say “KKK Rallies on Ole Miss Campus,” but I think there is going to be some severe backlash towards the KKK if they actually stay true to their plans and try to march on campus.  I think the majority of Ole Miss people stand behind Chancellor Dan Jones decision and will let this hate group know how they feel.  Since the conventional mainstream media will likely only give you half the story, I plan to attend to see if it actually happens and if it does I’ll let you know what the true mood in the air was.

I Found MS-48

The Obama Administrations recovery website got hit pretty hard this week after several upon several laughable errors were found.  I must admit I, like Brett, did not realize there was a 48th congressional district in this state.  However, I have done some checking with my sources and have found that it actually does exist.  I know I couldn’t believe it either, but if the Obama folks could find it then surely it must be there and come to find out it is and I have a map to prove it.

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