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2009 State Of The Blog

December 31, 2009

I figured the last day of the year would be a good time to talk a little about the blog. First, thanks for coming back a second time around and welcome to all my new readers. It’s been a great year, and I think things are only getting better. The hits have been on an upward trajectory so that’s always a good sign.

You may have noticed I have shifted focus some over the past couple months. While I am still a conservative and a Republican, I have decided to go more toward political news- especially stories you can’t find in the mainstream media- and analysis and away from pure opinion based on my ideological leanings.

I guess in a way similar to the news pages of the Jackson Free Press (except conservative, not liberal) just without a budget, staff, and led by someone who has a real job.

You may have also noticed I’ve been doing some tweaking with the format of the blog. After the Christmas colors I have opted for the grey background on the sides rather then the previous gold. Also, at the end of each post is a new feature which is a button that says ‘share.’ If you click on that, you can link the page to tons of social networking sites including Facebook, Digg, Twitter, and many more. Another feature that has been around for sometime now is the voting option. With comments, you can now give them a thumbs up or thumbs down.

We also have a new writer who has joined the fold very recently. Frank Corder is a City Councilman from Pascagoula and will share his thoughts on the political issues of the day. I also wanted to thank Robert for his weekly Friday piece- although he’s at the Cotton Bowl so don’t expect anything this week.

And I want to close with a fundraising pitch of sorts. As does not allow ads, we do not generate any revenue from the blog. There is nothing wrong with that, I do this because I love it. And right now we only have a few minor expenses- mainly URLs. At $15 each per year we currently have two addresses ( and I would like to add a third-

My secondary goal is for a couple things down the road. The first is to move to a self-hosted server. That is in the neighborhood of $85 per year. With a self-hosted site on it would give me the ability to greatly expand upon the theme with respect to features and include advertising.

And for a more long-term goal, it would be a subscription to the Cook Political Report and The Rothenberg Report. These are two of the best at offering independent analysis on elections throughout the country. Unfortunately, their in-dept analysis comes with a price of $200-$300 a year.

You can make a secure donation online by clicking on the PayPal button below or contact me by clicking on the contact button toward the top of the page.

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