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The 2010 Congressional Elections List

With Mississippi’s four Congressmen up for re-election, I have decided to create this ongoing list to look at the candidates, the challengers, and the chance of an upset. I will be updating these regularly as people enter or exit the race. I have decide to make this a post, but will also move it to the Resources section on the right side of the blog so you can easily find it.

In each list, incumbents are listed first. That is followed by challengers, both official and rumored, and the percentage chance that they run (in parenthesis). I also included 2008 election data, the district’s partisan voting index, and the current rating.

And finally, if you have any updates or notice anything that is wrong, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

MS-01: In 2008, Rep. Childers defeated Southaven Mayor Greg Davis 54-44. The current Cook PVI is R+14.

Travis Childers (D), incumbent (100)
Alan Nunnelee (R), state Senator (100)
Henry Ross (R), former Eupora mayor and senior counsel in the Justice Department under George W. Bush (100)
Angela McGlowan (R), FoxNews analyst and conservative author (100)
Ed Holliday (R), dentist and Tea Party activist (49)

We rate this race as Toss-Up.

MS-02: In 2008, Thompson defeated Richard Cook 69-31. The current cook PVI is D+12.

Bennie Thompson (D), incumbent (100)
Bill Marcy (R), former candidate for MS-03 and state legislature (100)
Richard Cook (R), GOP nominee for MS-02 in 2008 (75)

We rate this race as Safe Democrat.

MS-03: In 2008, Gregg Harper defeated Joel Gill 63-36. The current PVI is R+15.

Gregg Harper (R), incumbent (100)
Joel Gill (D), Democratic nominee for MS-03 in 2008 (100)

We rate this race as Safe Republican.

MS-04: In 2008, Gene Taylor defeated John McCay 75-24. The current PVI is R+20.

Gene Taylor (D), incumbent (100)
Joe Tegerdine (R), businessman (100)
Steven Palazzo (R), state Representative (100)
John McCay (R), GOP nominee for MS-04 in 2008 (49)
Chris McDaniel (R), state Senator (0)
Michael Watson (R), state Senator (0)

We rate this race as a Safe Democrat.

Come back often for updates.


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