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SD 36 Special Election: Runoff Looks Likely

February 17, 2010
tags: Albert Butler, Jimmy Strong, SD 36, special election
by Brett

In the seven man field to capture the open Senate seat in District 36, it looks like Albert Butler of Port Gibson and Jimmy Strong of Carpenter are headed to a runoff. According to the Copiah County Courier, Butler has 1687 votes to 1501 for Strong. But, that was as of 9 p.m. last night, when we had zero percent of the precincts from Hinds in.

According to an earlier story in the Daily Leader, Strong is the lone Republican in the non-partisan special election. We may be seeing a race similar to last year’s special election in HD82 where the Democrats split the vote in the first election to allow a Republican to make the runoff. The is a very strong Democratic seat.

It is extremely difficult finding information on this race, but stay close by and we will bring you the latest developments.

Update: It looks like the AP is now confirming that Butler and Strong are headed to a runoff. The runoff will take place on March 9. If Strong was to pull of the upset in this very Democratic district, this would be a pickup for the Republicans in the state Senate.

Update 2: The Copiah County Courier has the official vote count. Butler finished first with 1801 votes to 1622 for Strong.

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