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George Flaggs Compliments Haley Barbour

February 25, 2010
tags: George Flaggs, Haley Barbour, Ronald Reagan
by Brett

Of course the Democratic Representative from Vicksburg didn’t mean it as a compliment, but plenty of people would. When speaking with the Clarion-Ledger about Barbour’s veto of the bill that would restore some of the budget cuts, George Flaggs said this: “The governor is like Ronald Reagan. He never takes defeat. He just keeps moving the target.”

I suppose to Democrats Barbour is a lot like Reagan. Barbour has won more often than not (like Reagan), and he causes the opposition to go crazy- usually to no avail (like Reagan). There is a reason you don’t hear Democrats try to make a backwards insult to Republicans by comparing them to, say, Bob Dole as an example. And just as a friendly reminder to Democrats: when you are trying to insult a Republican do not compare him to Reagan.

And as far as the debate on whether or not Barbour has governed like Reagan, that’s another story for another day (possibly).

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