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Did McGlowan Go Too Far With Latest Nunnelee Attack?

February 26, 2010
tags: 2010 House, Alan Nunnelee, Angela McGlowan, MS-01
by Brett

When you are in a primary, especially as the underdog, you need to give voters a reason to vote for your over the other candidates. Meaning, you can’t just play nice and repeat everything the frontrunner says. That said, there is a way to differentiate yourself and a way not to.

It appeared at the end of her interview on Gallo yesterday that Angela McGlowan was more concerned with taking shots at Nunnelee then directly answer some of Gallo’s questions. Toward the end she laid this bombshell: She pledged to support Henry Ross if he were the nominee but she would not support Alan Nunnelee should he win. She went on to call Nunnelee a RINO (Republican In Name Only), said he was not a true conservative and reiterated some of the DCCC talking points regarding tax hikes. She did add that she would not speak against Nunnelee however.

When I spoke with a Republican source in Jackson about McGlowan’s attack on Nunnelee, he said, “Whether you agree or disagree with him, clearly that is absurd. Nunnelee has always been a very strong and committed GOPer. Personally I disagree with some of his tax decisions, but it is absurd to suggest he isn’t a real Republican.”

My impression is that a campaign that initially looked like it could gain some positive traction is now throwing ‘Hail Mary’s’ out there in hopes that something will resonate. This is never a good place for any candidate to be in about three weeks after entering the race.

I imagine most Democrats in Jackson or with the DCCC who were listening fell of their chair in excitement about a potential repeat of the 2008 GOP primary. The question remains, however, whether McGlowan will be able to attract any significant support that can affect Nunnelee should he be the nominee.

We know McGlowan has her fans in the GOP primary. We know Nunnelee has people who don’t like him in the GOP primary (of course anyone can vote in the open-primary). That said, I doubt there were many- if any- undecided voters listening who are now McGlowan supporters.

And here is part of Gallo’s interview from yesterday which is now on YouTube. She starts going after Nunnelee around the nine minute mark.

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  1. Matt permalink
    February 26, 2010 1:02 pm

    She comes off as annoying in that interview. She still seems like more of a radio sparring partner than a candidate for public office.

  2. Tony permalink
    February 27, 2010 7:36 am

    We do not need a repeat of 2008. Republicans and Republican voting conservatives need to keep our eye on the goal of unseating Childers. It is clear Angela is heading in the direction of a policy of scorched earth to win the nomination. Calling Alan a RINO, please. Her main complaint is he raised taxes. He raised taxes on cigarettes, which was supported by 2/3rds of Republicans including myself. Alan has one of the most conservative records in the State Senate. We (Republicans whose goal is to unseat Childers) lose if we engage in her style politics. Those of us for the other two candidates or undecided need to just ignore her and let he to continue to implode. Every day she is shrinking her voter base. As a supporter of Senator Nunnelee, he will not engage in these type attacks. We as supporters of Nunnelle and Ross need to do the same and just focus on getting the right (pun intended) GOP candidate elected to defeat Childers. Henry Ross appears to me to be a good man and I hope he does not engage in the same tactics as Ms. McGlowan.

  3. Grizz permalink
    March 10, 2010 9:24 pm

    it was the attacks 1st by Mr.Nunnelee supporters that prompted Ms/McGlowan to respoind.
    she spoke @ our Alcorn Cty. GOP meeting and stated specificaly she would vote and pull the lever for Nunnelee if he was primary winner,–that is SUPPORT,– however she reiterated she would not ENDORSE him.–two seperate issues–support-endorse
    by his silence in not stating to STOP the negative issues against Ms. McGlowan,that means he probably SUPPORTS, but not ENDORSES the negativity.there was a woman in the “Mississippi Magnolia” group of Smart Girl politics who was blatantly racist,in that she despised Ms. mcGlowan only because of her race–i thought Mississippi was past that behavior,-i guess not–wouldn’t THAT set D.C. and the USA aback if Mississippi sent a Black,Female Conservative to congress?

  4. brenda keyes permalink
    March 11, 2010 9:48 am

    Grizz your comments about McGlowan “supporting Nunnelee , but not endorsing” him remind me once again how important this primary is. If I am not mistaken this is the same candidate who said she was for gun control while being interviewed on the Paul Gallo show and then denounciing that stand after it became clear she would lose votes for that belief. Again, this same candidate on another Paul Gallo radio interview publicly declared she would not support Nunnelee if he won the primary. She did not say endorse she said support. It is not a surprise she has changed her tune since the backlash of people who want Childers out of there has come against her for that statement. I have entered this election cycle open minded about all of the candidates and I am grateful to now have it narrowed to two…Ross and Nunnelee.

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